No Lower Back Pain

No Lower Back Pain

May 20, 13


I think I found a neat little solution to the problem of waking up with some back pain. Initially, we bought a memory foam mattress from Ikea, and the first few weeks, I kept waking up with lower back pain. I’m a stomach sleeper. I don’t snore if I sleep on my stomach, even though Adia says I do sometimes, when I’m really tired. Anyway, to take care of the lower back pain, all I did was this. As I’m about to fall asleep, I tighten and loosen my lower back muscles. Basically, I’m doing an isometric workout.

After a few nights of doing this, I noticed that I don’t wake up with pain anymore. It only makes sense. I don’t have to bend down to touch my toes in the morning anymore to reduce that pain. I’m also on a routine to increase number of push-ups and jumping jacks. Ethan joins me in doing them. We’ve all done them at one point like he did in the photos. He has a bit more to learn on how to do them properly. Especially the jumping jacks. Yesterday I was up to 20 push-ups and 25, 4-count jumping jacks. Those are the ones where you do two jumping jacks and count them as one. One, two, three, ONE. One, two, three, TWO. You get the gist.

Hey, I’m slowly getting back into things. I’m actually 280 lbs at the moment. Can you believe I used to be 175 lbs at one point? Ah, youth! Where have you gone? Maybe this blog will encourage me to get back into working out for life, not just for the Summer.

Then, I came home from work and hung out with the family, watched some Star Trek off Netflix, and enjoyed some egg battered chicken and home fries.

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