Woke Up to Kitty in her New Box: Cats Love Boxes

Woke Up to Kitty in her New Box: Cats Love Boxes

Jun 26, 13


This is what happens when you go to IKEA and buy lamps, and leave your boxes laying around. Cats will find them; and utilize them! Cats love boxes.

Although I have a weak sense of smell, I think I smell my Irish Spring body wash. It smells great! Makes me want to take more showers. Maybe even two a year.

Good day at work, great meeting at the end, in a bar.

Learned that I have an aggressive type personality. I don’t give a fuck! I also learned from Facebook that people who swear are more honest. Hell yeah!

Food truck came. Had burrito. It was delicious.

Played a game with Ethan, “Fix it Up Kate”. He went on the couch to watch TV with mom. He fell asleep around 7:45 pm. around 8:30 mom put him to bed. His fever was up a bit. Tends to be in the evening.

Psych was on when I came home, so we continued to watch it into the evening.

Also, the Same Week (Week 26)...