Woke Up Tired Today, But I Had a Nap

Woke Up Tired Today, But I Had a Nap

Jun 18, 13


Today, I woke up tired. Serves me right to go to bed late… again. No one to blame. I was tired the whole day yesterday too. I need to regulate my sleep more.

I didn’t do my push ups this morning, but I did 30 last night. So that’s 55 for the day. Not bad.

Last night, before bed, I drew our family on Ethan’s white board easel we bough him from IKEA.

Had an early meeting at work. Went in, could barely pay attention. The coffee here is not the best. Ok, it’s horrible. Bitter and bad aftertaste. No matter how many sweeteners and creamers you put it. I even put in some hot water. It’s not the breakfast blend we’re used to at home.

For lunch, I had the steak that was left over from Applebee’s.

The work day ended well. Finished a lot of good things. Caught up to my posts. Yes, I post at lunch, and sometimes not at lunch. If I get an idea, I’ll jot it down. And if I’m near a PC, I’ll post it on my blogs.

At home, I had a nap. I miss those. Ethan let me sleep, so I’m thankful for that.

Woke up to Psych, one of Adia’s favorite shows. Turned on The Voice. Netflix only plays it on the web, not on their apps. That’s a bit upsetting.

Ethan’s having a ball playing with his toys.

Had some deep thoughts today, but I totally forgot them. Oh yeah, I remembered. It had to deal with self image. I keep looking around me and see a lot of people with confidence, and people see me as having confidence, but so many times, I’m so fragile. Hell, I’m human, after all. I keep hearing about confident people having these thoughts. I think I’m experiencing them too. The world is so strange. It’s all about perception. It’s about how you chose to perceive it, and how others perceive you.

Especially working in a world of business. There is so much facade going around. I was listening to some Eminem on the way home. Actually, it was D-12. I was listening to them my last hour at work today. Lots to reflect upon. We all fart and piss, but let’s not do that around others. It’s like that saying that mentions about how women never fart. At least we don’t hear them. I guess it’s what makes us different than the “animals”. It’s what makes us civilized. It’s nice to see that kind of order.

We think we’re so connected because we have YouTube, but we’re so disconnected with the things that are happening around us. It’s like we’re watching a show. For example, Turkey. Not the meat, the country. We see what happens, but it’s so far away, that we feel helpless. We can’t do anything about it. So, we let it happen? I don’t know. Maybe I should make some raps about it.

I think about that kind of stuff, you know?

So, a friend of mine posted a photo of him and his kid in a place that my wife and kid and I went to a few times. I mentioned that “I’ve been there, and done that” too. Unfortunately, he and his friends took it the wrong way and thought that I was being arrogant. I guess some people read too much into what’s being written nowadays. I honestly did not mean anything derogatory by it. Just what it said, however, he thought I meant that it was no big deal that he went there, even though I never mentioned big deal or anything. I was actually happy that the guy has fun hanging out with his kid. Do you ever meet people like that? They just read way too much into anything that’s said or written?

I’m so glad I have my wife with ┬áme to keep me grounded. She’s awesome. We took a nice picture together tonight. Here it is.

A picture of a happy couple

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