Wii! Or Wheeee!

Wii! Or Wheeee!

Jun 20, 13


Ok, so I caved in. I said I wouldn’t get one yet, but I did. I got me a Wii! A used one, as I thought I would, a second controller and Super Mario Brothers Wii! And, why not! I work hard for my money.

We got a nice deal at GameStop too. Going back in a couple of days to get my free game. Not sure what I want that game to be yet. Adia wants Zumba. I want Wii Sport Resort, or whatever. I got this thing mainly for Ethan. I want him to grow up knowing who Mario was, and who Sonic was, etc.

At work, I had kind of a crappy day early on. Just nothing working, and things breaking.

Other than that, I stayed up late doing a test for a company that’s still interested in me apparently. I stayed up til 2 AM.  I had to make a map app, and a tic-tac-toe game. I made the map app before on one of my other sites, but the tic-tac-toe game, I definitely never did anything like it, and definitely never made one with AI. And not only AI, but make the AI tough enough to play its best.

I retired at 2 AM because I couldn’t get the patterns for winning. For us, tic-tac-toe is such an easy game to play, but to make a computer understand what it has to do, basically, you have to program the computer to always play its best. If you do this, the AI does this, always blocking you, always knowing it’s going to win, always guessing your next move. It’s crazy.

The food truck came out again, and we had some chicken skewers and egg rolls. We ate at the pool. There were some girls swimming, and Ethan couldn’t take his eyes or camera off of them. He likes girls, and I like that he likes girls.

Here are some photos he took of the pool, my leg, the sky and the girls:

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    You shoulda bought a newer Nintendo Wii for Ethan at Best Buy since ya don’t have to pay everything at once or having germs or somebody’s STDs lingering around the controllers and the unit or have something defective without even you knowing about it plus with your purchase from Best Buy you could buy a physical warranty on it where if I accidentally spilled my Chinese herbal drink or my wonton soup on your Wii, they’ll replace it for free.

    “He likes girls, and I like that he likes girls.” HA! This statement cracked me up.

    i hope Ethan will be your personal paparazzi soon Georgio! He might start taking more pics of girls that I’ll ever have on Facebook. HA!

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