What Should I Do Today?

What Should I Do Today?

Jun 27, 13


I did absolutely nothing today. I found myself waking up, going to work, came back home, went shopping, and now I’m sitting here, writing. It’s like I asked myself in the morning “What should I do today?” or anything.

I shaved today. I don’t shave every day as I get irritated, rather, my face does.

At work, it was an easy day. More meetings. I seem to have brought up a lot of good points about performance based on the meetings I had at work in the past few days. Now, I can say “No” even better.

A photo of mom, and son with a party hat on in the store.While shopping, Ethan decided to try out a party hat through the store. He had fun with it. We bought him a soft basketball that he can play with his hoop. The other ball was too hard and made too much noise. This one’s more fun, but it was $7. When the Hell did things get so expensive?

Online, I had a nice chat with my buddy John, I call him Imp, or Johnny Bravo. He just bought a house in Ohio, and he loves it. I’m happy for him. Now, all he has to do is sell the other house.

I also had an online chat with my buddy, L. She’s really promoting herself, and in the meantime, promoting my web services.

Tonight, we’re watching Master Chef. We didn’t watch Psych today.

Ethan’s still a little sick, but he’s getting better. He’ll be better tomorrow. He’s so active! Even when he’s sick, he just wants to run and have fun. Good for him.

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