The Flying Tortillas

The Flying Tortillas

Jun 22, 13


We all woke up together this morning. I bought some whiskey last night and let’s just say that we slept like babies. No headache. Take two ibuprofen, or your favorite headache medicine, a full glass of water and goodnight.

Adia made waffles out of some wheat flour we bought at Sprouts. They were delicious.

Not too much stuff happened. This is what happens when you leave the post for the next day. I should really post everything on the same day, or at least take notes daily.

In the evening, we went to the beach. The weather was nice for it. The tide was really high. We saw an awesome show with The Flying Tortillas. These guys were really something. We didn’t even plan it. We went on the beach first, it was too windy, we decided to get off the beach and just sit on the grass next to the pier, listening to some youngins playing their guitar and sing, when all of the sudden, people were gathering, the stage above us was filling up, rather quickly. We got a nice seat in the middle, and the show began!

When we left, we saw the moon, and it looked great!  Nothing better than driving during the daytime and watching the moon through your moon roof of your new used Ford Fusion. haha.

Also, the Same Week (Week 25)...