Swiming in the pool

Swiming in the pool

Jun 29, 13


After a long day of relaxing, we decided that because it was so damn hot, we wanted to go to the pool. I went in the water, swam around for a bit, was enjoying the view of the sky and palm trees while I was floating on my back, then I felt something in my pocket. My phone. My awesome S3. I went to the edge of the pool, pulled it out of my pocket, and just stared at it as water was draining from it. It’s so weird. I didn’t feel angry, or upset, or any emotion other than humor. I think I’m finally able to not give a shit about shit.

Maybe in the back of my head, I realized that I have insurance, and that I also have an old iPhone 4… listen to me… old. Maybe there were people around and didn’t want to put on a show. Maybe I realized how sometimes we all do stupid things, and getting emotional about it doesn’t help at all.

Anyway, I continued to swim, without my phone this time, and enjoyed the rest of my swim. Ethan was loving it too. We went earlier in the day at Walmart, and finally got him a life vest. Ethan’s getting good at swimming, with a life vest.

Earlier in the day we were at the park and played around with some water guns. We didn’t stay too long. It was very hot weather.

The day ended with some TV. Adia went to sleep with Ethan, which was nice, because it gave me time to do some things on my own. I caught up on my programming and things.

Also, the Same Week (Week 26)...