Surprise Show by The Flying Tortillas

Surprise Show by The Flying Tortillas

Jun 22, 13


I had a good day. Woke up about 9:30 am, made some waffles, they came out yummy. Ethan and George played Mario on the Wii earlier in the afternoon. While the kids had fun playing games, I took a relaxing long bath which is one of my favorite things to do when I want to just relax.

It was about 4: 30 pm when we left the house to go to Huntington beach. We got there before six o’clock in the evening . It started to get chilly by the time we went with Ethan in the sand to play with his toys. So, we went ¬†for a walk and we hung out by the pier, enjoying a beautiful Saturday evening.

Just when we were kind of thinking to go somewhere else, a street show started. We were happy to have the chance to watch an acrobatic performance by The Flying Totillas. My son loved it a lot. It felt good to see him amazed and happy by the performance. We all loved it, because it was the first time we saw a show like that.

We had a good dinner after the show at Denny’s. Even though I didn’t have breakfast, or eggs, I had my first ¬†favored dish, Chicken Strip Dinner.

My night ended awesome, getting kinda drunk with my husband, having some honey flavored Jack Daniels Whisky.

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