Not so happy 4th

Not so happy 4th

Jul 4, 13


I think I hate people. Ok not all, maybe hate is a strong word. Going to the park to see the fireworks made my opinion of the human race a not so great one.

At the park there were undisciplined kids everywhere. I understand that kids will be kids, but taking water from a fountain, pouring it on the sand in the playground, and then on the slides is not cool. When I didn’t have Ethan, I kept looking at loose kids and wondered about their parents. Not raising their kids right. Then I was told that I’ll see when I have my own. I don’t quite get it, but Ethan is really well behaved in public. I tell him not to do something once, and he listens. Maybe discipline is missing from the home. I’ve never struck Ethan, but I do raise my voice. This whole anti-aggression movement in our society is pissing me off. Comedy intended.

It does come down to being aware that you are in public, and that your kids need to be controlled no matter what, otherwise they will grow to be wild beasts with no control… kinda like the way most people are today. Fucking people! I swear… Loud, obnoxious beings who think they know everything. I remember growing up like that around Romanian men who thought they had life figured out. Then, they’d get drunk, go home to their wives and beat the crap out of them cause something irked them.

Anyway, on another note, the only thing I can do about that is to try to raise Ethan properly and hope that he grows up passing on the same knowledge and experience to his kids, if he decides to have any.

I mean we did go to the park by Irvine HS, and we had fun on the playground, and they have a swinging boat there that I could rock easily from the inside. The kids around me loved the fact that I made them lose control in the boat and make them smash their heads against it. Kids. That part was actually fun.

Rant continued:

We were settled nicely on our blanket, and then one firework goes off. A big light post was in our way. So we moved a bit. Not soon after some¬†Asians came next to us and just stood there as one of them talked into her cell at the loudest tone possible. Now, remember, our technology is so amazing that I can hear someone whisper to me from China over cellular technology. But this lady just had to scream. She was apparently part of a larger group who decided to join her smaller group. They sat RIGHT next to us. Not 2 feet away, not one foot away. If I reached my arm out, I could grab their kid. Pretty dumb for claiming they’re the smartest. We moved again. I was pretty pissed again.

I kept complaining to Adia about how un-cultured some people are. They should get culture lessons when they move to a different country. Adia said no amount of culture classes will teach anyone common sense. She’s right. What, they couldn’t see everyone else had set up their blankets far from each other? Personal bubble? It wouldn’t bother me if the park was packed, but there was a good 100 feet between the back of the park where a lot of people were and the front of the park close to the fireworks where another group was. We joined those guys ahead and are really thankful that we did. It was a great show.

Indians: Kinda Asians. Not really. Don’t get me started. I’ve read may blog posts about how they’re pushed into a life of high-tech simply because the parents think that it’s a gold mine. They just don’t understand that forcing anyone to do something they don’t like will not make them successful. Look at George W. Bush.

Saw fireworks and it was a great show! At the end, when we were leaving, thought about how all of us are in the same boat. Saw an old lady walking with her family. Made up a story for her. Husband probably dead, living with her kids, kids have to take care of her. Poor lady. Her whole life she’s had comfort in her husband, and now she has to find the same in her kids. At least she enjoyed the fireworks, and she probably enjoyed it when her grand kids enjoyed the fireworks.

Read an article about zombies and Americans. Made me think about how silly it is that we’re all obsessed as Americans with zombies. I, personally, am not. Most Americans, are. They love the idea of one versus the many. Same concept of having to live with so many people. Something about walking into Walmart and out of the hundreds of people we actually walk by, we don’t talk to a single one. We even try to find the self checkout so we don’t have to look at the cashier.

In Target, whenever I go buying stuff, only a couple of cashiers (males) end up talking with me. So not friendly. We’re too afraid of the consequences. What ifs…

After the fireworks, went to Denny’s. Indian party of 13. Really? Anyway.¬†Ethan had a chocolate ice cream. I had a salad. Adia had the sampler platter. End. Of. Day!

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