New Car

New Car

Jun 1, 13


I’m not the proud owner of a 2010 Ford Fusion SE. It’s really nice. The ride is very comfortable, the gas mileage is a lot better than my 11 MPG gas guzzler, and it has SYNC, and a moon roof! It does not get better than this.

On another note, Ethan is having a blast with Ica. She’s growing very fond of him, and of course, she’s complementing our parenting skills. We had a nice discussion about how a child will need both parents in their life in order to grow up well. The presence alone is not enough, however. Parents need to be their kids’ mentor until around the age of 7. There was a saying in Romania. When we saw an anti social, or pretty much an idiot on the street, we always said that, “They’re missing their first 7 years from home”. It couldn’t be truer.

We started discussing about how parents in the US shove their kids in their own rooms from birth, never really experiencing what it’s like to grow close to someone. This is why Americans don’t like it when someone touches their shoulders. Same reason guys don’t touch anything on another guy because it’s considered gay, or strange. It’s simple physical contact. The same closeness the every other continent considers normal human compassion.

In the US, if you say you love a kid, you’re an automatic pedophile. There’s no gray area. As soon as someone says they love kids, they’re looked at strange. The same way Mr. Rogers and Michael Jackson showed compassion for kids, got misinterpreted as molestation. Americans simply don’t know compassion. I’m not saying this of all Americans, not at all. I’ve met plenty of parents that sleep with their kids in between. I’m saying it for the trend where parents want their kids to be independent from birth. Come on, the first 7 years are the most important when a kid is supposed to learn compassion and closeness to other human beings. Not selfishness and rejection. It’s too early for that. What does a kid who’s constantly pushed away into a corner learn? That no one loves them? You can tell them that you love them, but it that enough? 2 year olds don’t understand that. But they¬†do understand close physical contact with a parent.

At night, we discussed religion. It was pretty much about the movie Zeitgeist. Interesting points, but as always, discussions about religion will always lead nowhere, and with the same outcome. Be good to one another. Pretty simple.

Also, the Same Week (Week 22)...