Movies aren’t real, you don’t say!

Movies aren’t real, you don’t say!

Jul 30, 13


Why can’t people accept movies for what they are? I always hear of critics and other idiots constantly “debunking” movies. Example, Jurassic Park. “That could never happen. Well, it could, it’s just very unlikely”. No duh! What do you think a movie is? It’s a movie for a reason. Movies have taught us that you can shoot a quarter a mile away over your back while looking in a mirror. If movies were realistic, they’d be boring as fuck! They’re fantasy stories that come to life visually. Stop trying to rationalize how cars can’t hit helicopters. They could. If times JUST RIGHT. And that being the keyword. Highly unlikely things, but still somewhat possible explained through some sort of logic, and sometimes, via science fiction. We can’t go back in time? Well… it’s just very very very unlikely. We know nothing is impossible.

Other than that, we had “mici” or “mititei“, or Romanian sausages. They’re freaking delicious. They’re by far one of my favorite snacks and foods. They’re great for BBQs. Another quick day at work. Time just flies when you’re busy. It’s crazy.

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