Mondays, I love Mondays!

Mondays, I love Mondays!

Jul 29, 13


Saw the movie Oblivion today. We also signed up for Amazon’s streaming service. Pretty good, because Ethan can now watch more cartoons that he used to watch on Netflix before they cancelled them, like Blue’s Clues, and Pocoyo. Why is Netflix removing old shows that were good? It has to come down to money somehow.

Anyway, Ethan had a nightmare where he woke up saying that he doesn’t want to go back to sleep, and that he doesn’t want to close his eyes. Of course, he was asleep in 5 minutes. He said he saw monsters. I asked him what kind? He told me that it was a bird at Bunu’s house. That’s my dad’s house. Weird. Maybe he didn’t like all of the plants hovering about the house.

Other than that, been busy at work, so the days go by really fast. And overall a lazy type of day.

Also, the Same Week (Week 31)...