Too Many Cains in this World Stirs Up Hatred

Jan 22, 14


Watching the news is definitely depressing. This morning we were watching protesters calling politicians criminals in Kiev, the protesters in Bangcock asking for their prime minister’s resignation because they’re too corrupt, the Christians hating Muslims in the Central Republic of Africa (CAR), Muslims hating Christians, and a whole lot of other hatred among people. It just goes to show you that people are sick of people. It’s the only explanation. We are sick of living with each other.

Basically, politicians running dictatorships sugar coated with icing of Democracy, living above their means on people’s taxes (hard work), and not actually doing their job to serve the people. Instead, they create rules and make decisions even if it’s against their peoples’ will. That’s what dictatorships are, aren’t they? They believe that majority of the people are stupid, uneducated, and selfish, and want, and want. ┬áProtests like those are simply showing that people are sick of their rulers. If their rulers were doing such a great job, why are people protesting?

It could just be the old story of Cain and Abel. As soon as Abel does something great to raise his standard of living, Cain, instead of congratulating Abel for his rewards, gets jealous, and ends up killing his brother man. That’s basically it. Too many Cains in the world. Until we get rid of all of the Cains, we won’t have peace anywhere.

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