Magic 8 Ball Fun, Need a Haircut and Breakfast Burrito

Magic 8 Ball Fun, Need a Haircut and Breakfast Burrito

Jun 17, 13


I noticed that me, and Ethan need a haircut. Our hairs are getting out of hand, or head. Last night, after Ethan went to bed, Adia and I decided to play around with our magic 8 ball. No, it’s not a sexual innuendo. Read all about the magic 8 ball here.

Morning was nice. A bit foggy, but nice. I took my shower, got my coffee ready, fed Kitty, and then Adia served me my coffee, Ethan woke up, and I had him listening to some Audio Machine tracks on youtube. It was a nice morning. Went to work a bit late, as usual, but I always eat in 15 minutes and leave home late. I want to go home after traffic is gone. I did 25 push-ups, but they were slower, before heading to work. I’m starting to enjoy doing them.

For some reason, my left eye keeps irritating me. It’s like the AC is on it all the time.

For lunch, I wanted to go out for a walk. It was lovely. I really enjoyed the weather today. What I really enjoyed was when the roach coach (food truck) came in, I ordered a breakfast burrito. I love those things. I fell in love with them when I first moved out to San Diego about 10 years ago. I was working for Sony, SCEA, and I was working the morning shift. Each morning around 9 AM we’d get our first 15 minute break. We would take orders and cash, and go out to this local spot nearby. They were¬†huge. They had potatoes in them as well. And, the hot sauce topped it off perfectly. I miss those days! I guess that happens with age.

I really enjoyed living in San Diego. The little apartment that we had was in this cute little neighborhood. Palm trees everywhere, Balboa Park in walking distance, and the beach only 15 minutes away. Ok, maybe 20.

After coming home, Adia cooked something that she wasn’t sure of being good, but I liked it. She’s on her monthly visit from her special friend. She’s very moody needless to say. She did warn me about that.

I wanted to take a nap, but I also had to play with Ethan, and Ethan was in a playful mood. Went to Target, bought a bunch of crap more than what we planned, as usually, Kitty meowed for food, watched The Daily show, with John Oliver because apparently, Jon Stewart is pregnant in a colony of older men in similar situations. You’d have to see Episode 117 to get what I’m saying.

In Target, Ethan decided to take some photos of us, and hot chicks in the store. He’s constantly looking at girls and women. He’s not bad at all… at taking photos! He had his bath, I wrote in my blogs, added the friendship banner at the top of the header, will probably make that a dynamic bar pulled in from any website that will want to be friends with us, just has to place in the special code.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had this pain in my legs. I might have it looked at soon. The left lower leg hurts sometimes when I walk after staying in one place for a while.

Also, the Same Week (Week 25)...