Late for work this morning

Jan 10, 14


Yesterday, Ethan decided that he wanted to learn how a clock works. So, we took the clock off of the wall, and played with it a bit. I showed him what the hour hand was, and what the minute hand was, and how one full circle of the minute hand moved the hour hand by one hour, etc…

This morning, I woke up, noticed that the clock was off, and “fixed it”. Later, I realized that the second hand keeps skipping on the way up. Usually that’s a sign of weak batteries. I might change them when I get home for lunch or after work. Anyway, I was late. No worries, my project manager was late too.

Everything worked itself out.

Also, had a weird dream about Ethan being grown up and me fighting with him. Physical fighting. I was punching him in the face. Disturbing.

Also, the Same Week (Week 02)...