I’m back!

Jun 11, 19


I want to apologize for keeping everyone in the dark. A LOT has happened. First, we’re no longer in California. We’re back in Ohio. My mom passed away a year ago and we decided it was time to come back.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but we now have two boys. Ethan and Patrick. And, I own a coffee shop, with a really cool business partner whom I met while living in CA. Her name’s Courtney and since I’ve met her, things have moved very, very fast.

She’s a lawyer. Not an attorney. She didn’t pass the bar yet. She helped me make a patent for the idea I had about helping blind people see with their ears and deaf people hear with their eyes. We’re going to work on two additional patents. Molecular re-arranger and warp engine. Should be fun.

I currently work for a company who built an app that deals with Crypto Currency. Bitcoin mainly. ActingShowcase has been taking a little break. Almost got in trouble with some things, I’ll explain later, but for now, it’s still generating some money and paying for some of the things I have out there, like hosting, and domain names. I have a lot of them.

To catch up to what I’ve been developing in the tech world, check out iseestudios.com and georgeswork.com if they’re still up.

I’ll write more later when I have time. Hopefully I can do this once a day. Today, just work and coffee shop. The coffee shop is in Wickliffe, Ohio. I never thought I’d end up in there. It’s called CouchLand Coffee and it’s located at 29933 Euclid Avenue. Right next to Dontrell, who I never get to see as much anymore.

Also, I have a beard and long hair now. Haha!

Also, the Same Week (Week 24)...