I Lost My Credit Card

I Lost My Credit Card

Jul 5, 13


Or so I thought. So, from work, I go to Jersey Mike’s for lunch. I get a wheat something sub, and as I’m about to pay, I notice my debit card is missing. Now what? I paid with cash. Always ask for cash back when buying with your debit card. That’s a life saver. I panic a little, and want to call the credit card company. But, I decided to call the wife. That’s right, I’m not the kind of guy to go behind my wife’s back and try to solve things, no matter how silly it may be. Now, that’s honesty.

So I call her. We share a laugh and a worry, and then I ask her to check the PC desk because that’s where I used the card last, to pay bills online.

Funniest thing ever happened. I hear Adia say, “Hey, Ethan, have you seen daddy’s credit card?” I laughed my ass off. I asked, “Did you just ask Ethan if he’s seen my card? You realize he’s 4, right?” So, after that, Adia reminds me that we ate at Denny’s. Duh, me!

I checked my bank’s online app for the balance, and it didn’t seem like anything was spent on it. I call Denny’s, and talk to the manager there. Nice guy with a Hispanic accent. He asks me to wait. I wait. 3 minutes later, he gets on the phone and asks me my name. That’s a good sign. I tell him I’ll be there quickly since I was on my lunch hour. I pick up my card, and the rest of the day continued. No bank called to complicate things. Life was good once again.

At Target, Adia bought some finger gel paints and he had a blast. Ethan loves painting and drawing. Musical instruments are next.

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