I Got a New Phone Today

I Got a New Phone Today

Jul 8, 13


After a rather quick day at work and scheduling my window tinting for the 18th at 11 AM, I came home and checked my mailbox. Nothing. I was expecting to see my phone. Just junk mail. So, I walk upstairs, and by the front door, there’s a package. A sigh of relief. The wife and kiddo weren’t home. They were still at the park.

I opened the package, and it was my insured phone. Lesson learned. Always get insurance for your phones. I look inside and there are instructions about placing in a new sim card that came with the phone. I’m no genius, but I know that you don’t need a new sim card to make this phone work. However, I don’t trust myself around technology as I used to when it used to be simpler. So, I go to the T-Mobile store near us. Ethan and Adia were about to come with me, but Ethan decided to have another accident. I went alone.

I’ve learned to live with waiting. I realized that patience has huge rewards. I waited for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only 1/2 hour. Still long, but not bad. It was finally my turn. The guy at the store was super helpful and he installed one of those anti-fingerprint screen protectors. No bubbles. Good news. I even synced it up with my car. Easily done.

Tonight, I had apple pie ala-mode with Dulce de Lece. Not a bad treat for a great ending to a new day.

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