I almost didn’t post today

I almost didn’t post today

Mar 26, 15


Remembering to commit to posting every day is not that easy. I skipped my workout because excuse… But really, I was working on my app. Had to finish off a couple of screens in case people want to change passwords, reset emails, etc. Other than that, at work, we’re finally settling in and I worked on a SDK that we’re supposed to release to the public. I beat Scott (my manager) at ping pong. 22-20. He’s really good, in comparison to me, and to win against him is a miracle. Maybe the breeze outside had something to do with it.

I shared some food ideas and images of things I’ve cooked and they were all drooling over the photos. Now, I have to live up to the photos and make some good eats for my co-workers. I will try to on Monday.

Other than that, Ethan was on his PC the whole day, Patrick mumbled a lot… so did his mom… 😉 Just kidding. She’s having a hard time with Patrick because he’s really growing now. 16 lbs. Her frame is not meant to carry him around like that. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Patrick doesn’t like to be sat down. He just wants to cling to his mom. Some may say that’s bad, but I can’t believe that making a baby learn to stay without his mom is a good thing. Anyway, I’ll have more for tomorrow.

I will try to write once a day as much as I can. I really want Ethan and Patrick to read this when they grow old enough to look over and understand what their dad and mom went through. I wish my parents had that.

Also, the Same Week (Week 13)...