Hollywood Day!

Hollywood Day!

Jun 3, 13


So, we decided on taking the Hollywood Stars Tour. I think the tour was called “Rockin’ Stars Tour” or something like that. We completely skimped out on the other one. They got so many of them, it was crazy. All I can say is that my Fusion can handle all kinds of traffic. Almost hit a couple of cars on the highway. People just do not know how to drive anymore. And, my worst pet peeve on the road. Non-signalers. I call them non-believers. The ones that signal when they’re not supposed to, I call protestants. The ones that signal the wrong way, Catholics. I don’t know where agnostics go in that reference.

On Hollywood Blvd., we met Spiderman, took some pics with him for $5, had some pizza at some supposedly Italian place where everyone spoke Mexican Spanish, parked in some lot that didn’t require putting any sort of a ticket in your window (I guess they bring the savings to you), and went in the Wax Museum. It was great. Saw the walk of fame too.

The tour was fantastic. Even when we got pulled over by the police for being too big of a vehicle. It was ok though. We were stopped in perfect view of the Hollywood sign. It was a nice scene (pun intended). At first, I thought it was part of the tour, but when our driver received a ticket, I guess it wasn’t. We got to see all of the stars’ homes, dead, alive, and previous residents, Beverly Hills and Bel Air, and we almost got to see David Spade, the driver’s good friend, but he wasn’t home apparently.

Funniest part of the tour was when we were pulled over, Adia and Ica were trying really hard to put their seat-belts on. None of the other passengers, or vans, had seat-belts in them that could be connected to anything, but Adia and Ica, were very persistent in putting on their seat-belts. It was hilarious because the as the cop walked by them, he was looking at my mom who had hers on. When we asked her if her belt is connected to anything, she said “No”. We burst in laughing when I mentioned “How do you spot the Romanians on a Hollywood tour? They’re the only ones with the seat-belts on.” We all burst out laughing.

The drive home was nice. We got to see LA in the evening, and no traffic, so we got home earlier than expected. The rest of the evening was recuperating time.

I have found myself taking ibuprofen pills before I go to bed if I did a lot that day. It helps tremendously with muscle pain, especially if you walk a lot. Sigh, I’m getting old.

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