He shoots, he scores, right in the glass of milk, and waffles

He shoots, he scores, right in the glass of milk, and waffles

Jul 27, 13


So, we make some waffles, and Ethan has his strawberry milk, but this time, his play goes as far as “accidentally” shooting one of his toy cars right into his glass of strawberry milk. I don’t think he could do that again even if he wanted to. No, we didn’t yell at him, but we did clean up. He just wanted to play.

We also went to the Heritage Park near us where we found it to pleasantly fun. Much better shaded than other parks we visited. Ethan found some kids to play with that showed him the way of the “Rollie Pollies”? I think that’s how you pronounce it. It’s those little bugs that roll up in a ball. Harmless things. It was very cute. Then he found some snails that he decided to set up into a party on one of the wooden trunks in the park. It was cute too. We had to leave because Ethan threw a car at some kid’s head even after we told him not to.

On the way back, we saw a Porsche. Ethan loves his Porches. I think I’ll just get him a used one as his “first car” when he turns 16. I might get one for myself just for the hell of it.

I have a long plan on getting my Master’s Degree eventually. I’d like to make more money and definitely live the high life. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 10 years, and with a Masters, I think I could be a manager, or IT Director or something similar. It’s a 6 year long plan. Gotta start somewhere. It’s 6 years because I don’t even have my Bachelor’s yet. That’s right. I only have an associate degree. I would love to take charge of an entire IT department. Maybe my first job in 6 years would be to either structure or re-structure an IT department to make it function smooth. Only time will tell. I might still be running this blog then.

This afternoon, we went to Capriotti’s in Newport. It was delicious. We had some Groupon voucher to use, so we did. Did not regret the move. $20 worth of food for $10.

Tonight, we got Pizza from Danno’s again. Half chicken, half the works. I love their pizza. It’s all about the crust. For me, it’s either Danno’s, or stuffed crust pizza from Walmart.

Saw a movie at night with Adia while we had some Jack Daniels, honey flavored. It was Lincoln. Yesterday we saw Side Effects with Jude Law. It was a good one too.

Overall, a great day!

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