Happy Friday, First Day of Summer

Happy Friday, First Day of Summer

Jun 21, 13


Ethan wanted to play the Wii from early morning. Here’s what happened. Kitty wanted to get into the bedroom while I was doing my morning routine on the PC. So, I opened the door to the bedroom. Kitty went in. Can’t close the door because she’ll scratch the door to get out. You know cats. The TV was on because I wanted to watch some news. Ethan walks in all tired looking telling me that the TV is too loud. I asked him if he wanted me to turn it down. He says, “No, Mario.” How adorable. I had to look up punctuation marks for quotes here when writing Ethan’s quote. Now, I get it.

I played Mario with him a little bit. Just one level. He had 6 continues and didn’t even get past level 1-1.

I made my coffee a little weaker this morning because I knew that Adia wouldn’t wake up in time to enjoy it with me. She did. Oh well.

I got in at work and the parking lot seems emptier than usual. Must be Friday or something. At work, things are going ok. Still having issues with one of the sites I’m working on. The other stuff is going well.

Chatted up Dontrell to see what he was up to. He’s doing really well on his blog. He does videos too. I might do videos soon. We’ll see. Maybe just some featured vids.

I also chatted up Jacquie. Poor thing is in the hospital for cysts. I hope all goes well for her.

At lunch I did In & Out. I had a Double Double with fries animal style. Yumm! It’s definitely Friday. I actually just looked at the time on my monitor just to double check. I was watching MasterChef from my car while waiting in line, and while eating my food. I love Hulu on my Samsung Galaxy III. I love this country!

When I got back, a co-worker Steve had a great phrase. “Waiting 4 days at work for Friday”. Or something similar. I thought it was hilarious.

For the rest of the day, I’m listening to Eminem at work because I just feel like it. I like his raps when he was with D-12 more.

Overall, it’s a happy Friday. I got 25 slow push-ups and looking forward to more tonight.

At night:

Read on the news about Paula Dean. She used the N word. How is this a surprise for us?

Then, at night, after I came home, and connected with my brother, from another mother, Dontrell via our Wii. Not sure if we’re actually connected, but whatever.

Adia bought Ethan the Spongebob Lego Boat set and we put it together.

We walked to the leasing office parking lot. Burrito Friday is happening today. Had a burrito and some quesadilla.

We watched the moon in the horizon, Adia made a cappuccino, and now we’re just winding down for the evening.

And right now, we’re watching that San Diego commercial, which originated here:

And, I just realized that it’s the first day of summer!

Happy Summer and Friday!

  • Malcolm Richmond

    You are awesome Bro! I try to read your blogs as often as possible!!

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