Hanging Out at the Plaza

Hanging Out at the Plaza

Jun 21, 13


Ethan got out of bed before me. Well, it turned into a habit in the morning lately, which is fine. He is a very energetic kid. I love him so much and I’m happy to be his mom.

We went to the Marketplace today. It was fun. My son loved the fountain there, as he usually does. I got to have a late lunch at Panda Express. It was OK. Not the best food out there though. Ethan took only a couple of bites. Overall, we had a fine afternoon. My son played with some kids running around, chasing birds.

On the way back we stopped at Target. I did some shopping. I always end up spending more than I want…

I also met my friend Andrea and her kids. Ethan had fun running  with Charlotte and Christopher, which gave  me a chance to have a chat with my friend.

Later in the evening we had food from the roach coach that stops at our apartment complex. We had quesadillas and burritos.

Now we are going to watch the last Die Hard movie. I can’t wait. I’m a fan of Bruce Willis. Overall, I had a good day hoping for an awesome time with my family.

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