Half Day, Today

Half Day, Today

May 24, 13


Yesterday, it was pork and beans, today, omelettes. I love omelettes. My dad, who lives in Portland, Maine, taught us how to make omelettes with lots of shredded cheese. That’s the secret. Use lots of cheese. It comes out much more tasty.

As I was brushing my teeth last night, I did my push-ups in the walk-in closet. I’m up to 25. Today I might do 2 sets of 25. We’ll see how I feel about that. I remembered an old exercise. Sway your body from side to side like a piano metronome. It tightens the side muscles, helping you reduce those love handles. Your stomach muscles will thank you too. All this for 2-3 minutes while brushing my teeth.

At work, it was half day, which is great. Very nice of them. The company bought sandwiches for all of us from Jersey Mike’s. Not bad, but I’ve had better. The bread was a bit chewy and the contents a bit bland. Had to use a lot of mayo. Of course, I was hungry, so I ate 4 mini subs.

While Ethan and I were wrestling on the couch, I noticed how tall he was. He’s growing so much. We also played some math games before bed time. He has an easel with a dry erase board on it. You know, the typical one from Ikea. He also has about 10 dry eraser markers. We were playing a counting game where I add more markers, or take away markers. I think he gets it. Of course, more training is in order.

Today, is also the one week celebration since I’ve started this blog, and I’m really glad I could do it so far. I hope I continue to write more content.

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