Good Parenting Vs. Bad Parenting

Good Parenting Vs. Bad Parenting

Jul 9, 13


As we were walking through the store, after some mediocre pizza from Lamp Post Pizza, we made a promise to Ethan that we would get him one car if he behaved himself. I had a feeling that he would crack under the pressure. He kept asking if we’re going to get him a car throughout the store, so that was strike one. He kept acting out, so that was strike two. And of course when we brought his behavior to attention, he did not react pleasantly.

He kept saying that he’s a good boy. And I agree with him. He’s a great kid, but we made a promise. Good behavior means car. Misbehavior means no car. I told him that he’s a good kid, but he did misbehave. He kept saying how he’s not misbehaving now. And again, I agreed. This went back and forth a few times, until I realized that he might not have understood that I was referring to the past. So I mentioned “5 minutes ago”, and that was it. He got it.

We bought the car, but he couldn’t have it that night. In fact, I was pretty upset with his behavior today. I told him that I love him, but punishment is punishment. I think there has to be a certain level of maturity that goes into being a good parent. I’m not saying I’m awesome, but I think that my understanding of Ethan’s needs and wants goes a long way.

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