Good Goodness, Pass it On

Good Goodness, Pass it On

Feb 8, 14


Today, we went to the beach and had some fun. But first, I stopped at the local AutoZone, and got me a new lightbulb for my rear turn signal. It went out a couple of days ago. I feel so proud for changing it. I had some help from Google of course.

At the beach, I found an iPhone in the sand. It looked nice. It was white. I thought I would call the friends on the contact list if I could open it, but it was protected by a pin. I wasn’t going to guess what the pin was. So I took it with us and went to Chalie’s Chilly by Newpot Beach Pier.

On the drive home, I get a call home, and after a few misunderstandings at which Costco to meet, we ended up returning it back to its original owner. It felt good knowing that I did something nice for someone, because I know that if I was to lose my phone, it would be a worrisome.

I had an awesome nap when we got back home too. Can’t beat those.

I also choked on some food and when I coughed it out, my entire body hurt like it was being stabbed by a knife. It happened again at night when I sneezed hard. Weirdest feeling in the world.

Also, the Same Week (Week 06)...