Good Day Overall

Good Day Overall

Jul 1, 13


Today was nice. The morning started out nice with Adia waking up right after me. Coffee, the usual, and went to work. It was my first day at the performance enhancements for one of our websites.

I had a nice chat over the phone with someone from another company. They said that they’re interested in me. I get calls like these all the time.

In the evening, I was thinking about how we used to live in Holland, just walking around downtown Hilversum, and then I remembered the icy roads as I was trying to get to work on my bike in my rain suit. I’m so glad I live in Irvine. But it was nice. Here’s some photos of the experience.

Online, I looked at some houses as our rental lease is coming up in a couple of months. I also signed up for online banking for my auto loan. Yes, the Ford Fusion.

Also, the Same Week (Week 27)...