Ethan Caught a Cold – A Great Health Care System

Ethan Caught a Cold – A Great Health Care System

Jun 25, 13


Poor little guy. I came home to find him coughing and looking all tired. He said his ears were drooling. I laughed; but it’s not funny.

He had a nap while I was writing some code for a little side project to grab data from Google. He was awake late. I think I fell asleep before him.

At work it was a typical day. Up in the morning, a bit under by end of day.

In the morning, I set up Ethan’s backboard on his easel. He loves it. I should buy one of those quiet foam balls for him to use. Not much else happened.

It tears me apart when I see kids sick. It’s the one thing you can’t control. Just have to give it time. I remember the time we were in Holland, and one time the little guy got so sick, it scared us. So, after a lot of heavy breathing, coughing, and ears “drooling”, we decided to call the hospital late at night. The way it works is like this… unless you’re dying, and can’t even crawl to the hospital, don’t call.

It was chilly outside, and we had to bike to the nearest hospital, which fortunately was opened in our town that night. So, middle of the night, Ethan on my bike, Adia behind me, pedaling like crazy, we get to the hospital. We had to call ahead to schedule for a meeting with a doctor. That’s just how it works out there.

So, we get to the hospital, the doc sees Ethan, and tells us to put him on antibiotics. He got better in a few days. He slept well that night. We were both up worried.


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