Double Feature Day: Star Trek vs Superman

Double Feature Day: Star Trek vs Superman

Jun 16, 13


Father’s day started out with poached eggs, and they were freakin’ delicious.

Surprisingly I saw Star Trek and Superman movie. I’m the luckiest dad in the world. And luckiest husband. When I told Adia that I wanted to see both films, she was okay with it. That’s the best Fathers Day present anyone can receive.¬†Before seeing the second film, I decided to go home and pick up the family, since its such great weather.

Seeing star trek inspired me to get back to work on my patents. Can’t say too much more about that until I get the patent either pending, or denied.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was better than Man of Steel, by far. The acting, the action, the suspense, the story line, just everything. Even the reviews speak for themselves. You can read two of my blog posts here: – Star Trek: Into Darkness, and – Superman comes out, and they never call him that.

We went to Applebee’s for steak. I don’t know what it is, but the steak there is so much better than anywhere else. Maybe I just have different tastes. Ethan puked on himself at the restaurant. He fell asleep on the way home. He was exhausted while waiting for me by playing in the water fountain at the District. He was also at the park earlier that day. Poor guy, wanted a car from Target, but since he was asleep, well, you get the idea.

In the evening, while Adia was watching Sherlock on Netflix, a friend of mine posted something about slavery:

My facebook reaction:

So let me get this straight… We should give up our way of life because some people in the world chose not to die for their freedom as Americans did? Americans fought their way, and sacrificed their lives because they believed with their whole heart that millions that would follow would enjoy an easier life. Whenever I hear a sob story about the East and Middle East and South Asia, and South East Asia… their way of life is preventing them from rising up. Their belief system is telling them to be slaves. If they want to believe that, which they do, then let them be slaves, and ex-fucking-cuse me for not caring, coming from a family where dad went twice to prison for trying to run away from communism, and mom successfully escaping it, only to live in refugee camps for 3 years before re-uniting with her family? My family sacrificed and fought to give me a better life, for which I’m appreciative of. And I will fight to the death for my son and wife. I could care less for people in the far east wanting me to give up my big screen TV because they’re too chicken to do something for themselves? Everyone wants the easy way out. The world will not change for the better if we give the mouse a proverbial cookie. The mouse will just beg for milk.

I sometimes go on rants like these if I don’t believe the cause is worth it. I’m ok with helping my fellow human being, but only if they 1. want to be helped, and 2. try to help themselves. So many times I’ve talked with people less fortunate than me, and they complain about this and that, and I tell them, why don’t they do the other thing only to come back with a stupid reply that usually means that there’s too much work involved. What the Hell is going on with the human race? Is everyone just expecting the easy life? Is that what we’re being taught? That life will be easy? Who the Hell keeps lying to us? Life is hard! Teach your kids that from the beginning, and their life will be easier because of higher expectations.

Also, the Same Week (Week 24)...