Donuts for Breakfast

Donuts for Breakfast

Jun 2, 13


This morning, we went out, just me and Ica, to Walmart to get Ica some new flip-flops, but before that, stopped at Janny’s Donuts by The District. Came home, had donuts, and now we’re just chillin.

Yesterday, I couldn’t get the SYNC feature to work a second time I tried it, but this morning, on our donuts trip, I got it working, without referring to the manual.

In the afternoon, we went for a drive. Drove to Newport Beach, but before we arrived, we decided to take the scenic route to Huntington Beach on Rt. 1. It was nice.

Went on the pier. Ethan was upset that he couldn’t stay with the guys that had two remote control cars. I think he was groggy because he went to bed late last night.

We went on the pier, had some fish and chips at Ruby’s Diner, a kid’s Oreo shake, and walked back after sunset. It was gorgeous as always. There’s really nothing like the So Cali life.

Right now, I’m having some wine, checking out Facebook, and the photos we took at the beach.

Tomorrow, we’re planning on going to Hollywood. We might do a tour. We’ll see. Sometime later in the week, we’re going to Santa Monica Pier.

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