Another “Boring” Day

Another “Boring” Day

Jul 2, 13


Other than a chat with one of the business guys at work, it was a typical day. Worked on a power point for the Director of Technology. I don’t think she likes to hear criticism about development. They think I’m too aggressive. So what? I just don’t like politics. Politics never gets the work done, it just delays work to make everyone around you feel better. I’ll feel better when the websites are running at full performance.

I have been told that I’d be great at running business. I don’t let crap linger around me. It makes me look sloppy. I take charge when I’m involved in something I care about. I read a great quote on Facebook… “I’m not lazy, I just don’t care”. That’s how I feel sometimes people around me are. Is it just me? Or am I really seeing a bunch of slackers who only do the minimal work to get the day to go by?

We were focusing on how we can get performance by removing several scripts form the page, barely adding up to 10 HTTP Requests (look it up in wikipedia, I’ll even add a link). Basically, the more HTTP Requests, the slower the website seems because it has to process all of them. For example, every image on a web page is an HTTP Request, or call.

So, we’re looking at the 10 calls that barely add up to 200KB of data, and forgetting about the dozens and dozens or so images loading onto the page, creating an additional 100 Requests adding up to several megabytes of data. It’s minute. If this was my website, I’d definitely prioritize the important things to improve the quality of my site. But then again, I’m not in charge. Wow, that went on longer than planned.

Anyway, Isaac, the product owner I worked with on several projects, came over and wanted to see what I was doing. He likes the idea of the production tool I have in mind for film makers. He likes how quick I work. I work quick because I know my code. I try to make the code as easy to read as possible. That’s just me. I hope something good will come of this new tool.

At home, I worked on my own website, because I’m such a nerd. I played some with Ethan, some with Adia, and then more programming, Psych on Netflix, and overall lounged around. Fed the cat, made coffee in the morning, oh, and I woke up at 6 AM because I went to bed early. Just crashed without really wanting to. I was hoping to catch another episode of Heroes.

Also, the Same Week (Week 27)...