A Short Day at Work

A Short Day at Work

Jul 3, 13


Last day before 4th of July.┬áStarted stressful, got better. Spent 3 hours trying to rebuild something. That code is really messy. We’d have to do a re-design for the re-design to make it work.

At home, worked on my website. Fixed a lot of bad issues with it. I worked mainly on profile functionality. The non-logged-in site works well, but I had to also make the registered user side work well also, right?

Ethan decided to be a photographer and take some closeups of Kitty, and some random stuff around the house.

We’re thinking of going to the beach for the 4th. I’m thinking of waking up early.

Kitty has decided that she wants to go exploring outside the boundaries of our apartment. About once a day, she decides to stroll around the apartment complex. She’s so funny. As soon as she sees or hears something, she runs as fast as she can, holding a low profile. It’s hilarious.

My mom, Ica, has a side business. A home for elderly. She wants to give up her business. A “friend” of hers stabbed her in the back. She’s trying to steal her clients. I wouldn’t call her a friend. I’ve been telling her not to hang out with those “kinds” of people. They’re trashy, they talk loud, they’re annoying, alcoholics… Basically white Romanian trash. She should move to Cali.

Also, the Same Week (Week 27)...