A Productive and Inventive Day

A Productive and Inventive Day

Jun 24, 13


I woke up before everyone else, again. I set the alarm last night for 8am because we had more whiskey last night.

Made my coffee, fed Kitty, and as I was setting up the new backboard for Ethan on the bedroom door which woke him up. He started playing with it, and is getting good at shooting hoops.

I made my own lunch for work (chicken patties we bought at Costco on hamburger buns). I added a slice of cheese, some mayo, and voila! Lunch is served. I made two burgers, but only ate one. I saved the other for lunch tomorrow.

On the way to work, I was watching the news. Yes, in the car, on my Galaxy S3, I was watching the news on CNN. I saw something about Silver-back gorillas being rescues from poachers to have a kid in captivity and have them released back in the wild. Interesting video. Which brought some deep thoughts.

Some people can be so selfish. I guess there are two kinds of people. Selfish that don’t understand that their actions affect people around them, and that we’re a civilized society where we’re supposed to treat each other like we want to be treated. And then there are the “hippies”. The peace lovers. The ones that do understand the value of “Do unto others”. It’s so sad to see some of the most heavily brainwashed Christians be so selfish. They understand that if they believe, no matter their actions, they’ll go to this magical place where you’re not allowed to do anything remotely sinful. I don’t know about you guys, but from what I understand, I’d rather be in Hell. After all, that’s where all of my friends will be anyway.

I just don’t understand the behavior of Christians in the US. A lot of them drive fancy cars, are wealthy, conservative, Republicans, whatever you want to call them, yet they don’t believe in the unity that Jesus preached over, and over, and over. They don’t follow any of his teachings. They don’t share with the poor, they don’t heal the poor, and overall just Christian within their own families. As long as they can benefit from this Christianity, they’ll be Christians. So hypocritical. Don’t get me started on religion in general, unless you want a fight.

A great man once told me, “If you want to start a fight, start a discussion about any one of these three things: religion, politics, and personal matters.” I’ll leave that for the comments below if you care about those kind of arguments. I just have a problem with authority when it doesn’t make sense, and when very little or no logic is used.

At work, we came up with a middle ground solution. We had some options on the table. Fix what’s broken by hacking it even more, scrap the project, or come to the middle and keep the re-design of the site, but disable just the pushState feature. When the new ad system will be implemented side wide, all I have to do is flip a switch and it should work like magic!

I also talked with a co-worker about one of my websites and how I can improve it. Loading speed on that site is under 600 milliseconds. That’s wicked fast. Anything under one second, Google will love. Also we chatted about featured content that end users would end up paying for. Producers would pay for a production type tool, and actors would pay for premium content, such as auditions directly and exclusively from local producers in their area.

I also looked into getting one of my parented idea made. I was looking into plastic moldings. I found some neat options. Check it out here.

At home, I wrestled with Ethan, had some poached eggs again, but this time with spinach, and while Ethan was keeping busy on the laptop, Adia and I watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. It was, meh, ok. I wouldn’t have paid to see it. Maybe the 3 star rating on IMDb would have given me a clue. While we’re watching the movie, Ethan decided to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. He’s learning about dexterity, and how running into walls is not good.

I also read about how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will not lose their mutant features, and will not be aliens, as Michael Bay had previously mentioned. I’m so glad that man listened o his fans and has come to his senses.

Also, the Same Week (Week 26)...