A Hot Summer Day in Southern California

A Hot Summer Day in Southern California

Jun 28, 13


Let’s see, the day started out ok. The typical. Coffee, breakfast, french bread pizzas that I made last night, and then work. Yes, I had pizza for breakfast.

At work, it was a good day. I had my review earlier than usual. So, apparently, I’ll be looking into documenting the first step of why our site is slow. The first step of many to optimize and make our websites super fast, I’m assuming.

I also worked on making my personal websites fast. I made a custom social sharing widget. That site still loads under 1 second, but no more additional JavaScript to tie up the loading process. Anyway, all technical jargon.

Had an early day at work because we had a doctor appointment for Ethan. They looked at his kidneys and bladder again. They will let us know the results Monday. He had an infection late last year, and it carried on into the new year. Not a good way to start the new year. The nurse there was complementing Ethan on how polite and well spoken he was for a 4 year old. It made me feel great as a parent. I now know how my mom feels when I impress others. It really comes down to the parents.

So, to reward our day, we went to Game Stop because I had a free game to pick up. We got the Super Mario Party 9 one and Wii Sports, since I knew Ethan was going to like at least the Bowling game. He loved it!

Ethan found my Classic LEGO stash. We just had to build the old Hospital set. Ethan wanted more, but I told him no. Sometimes you just have to.

In the evening, we stayed up late, because I had a nap in the afternoon. We continued to watch A Good Day to Die Hard. We didn’t finish.I love Bruce Willis, but it seems like that movie was just a bit too much. And, made in Russia? What happened? Budget was low? Anyway. It has some nice action scenes I suppose.

Also, the Same Week (Week 26)...