A gorgeous view, and enjoy life as it is

A gorgeous view, and enjoy life as it is

Jul 24, 13


I was atop a building in Newport Beach and saw this magnificent view. And people ask me why I want to live out here. Come on, it’s really paradise. I was talking with one of my friends and I was telling him that some of the kids aren’t friendly with Ethan. He basically told me, “That’s California for you”. In a way, I understand. But, I’m really glad that we got here early enough for Ethan to have a chance to make friends from a young age. I’m sure not everyone is friendly in Ohio either. Friendlier, maybe.

After all, most psychos seem to come out of Ohio. It doesn’t really matter though. Life’s life and in the words of my Buddhist friend, enjoy life as it is.

My Garcinia Cambogia plan is going ok. I don’t feel different, but I hear it takes about a week before you see a difference. On Groupon, we found a nice deal where we can get 3 bottles. Adia says she wants to do it too.


Also, the Same Week (Week 30)...