A Costco Type of a Day

A Costco Type of a Day

Jun 23, 13


Poached eggs again for breakfast. What a great life! After coffee, I took Adia to the District to see Man of Steel. She liked it better than I did. She hasn’t seen Star Trek yet. She kept saying how hot and built the main guy was. Goes to show you that no matter what the movie was about, girls love a hot dude on the big screen. Ethan wanted his iPhone in the car, but as soon as we got in the car, the iPhone went into the middle pocket, and we forgot all about it.

Meanwhile, Ethan and I hung around the whole afternoon. We went to the toy store and bought a basketball hoop and a small car track. We rode the bikes around the store, he played with some balls around the store, and overall had a great time together. Then, we came home to play with our new toys.

On the way to pick Adia up from the theater, we called her. She was telling us how great the movie was. That’s nice. I kept trying to tell her to wait for us so that we can just pick her up at the intersection and we can just go gas up at Costco, and then go shopping for some thing.

At Costco, we had more fun. The free samples are always great. We bought some chicken burgers and chicken sausages, our favorite Gouda dutch cheese, and some peaches. Usually I don’t buy fruit from Costco. Fruit in bulk spoil fast if you don’t eat it in a few days. The peaches were great though. Very juicy.

We went to Target because I needed an air pump for the basketball that came with the hoop set, and they didn’t have one at Costco, or at least I didn’t see it there. I blew up Ethan’s basketball, and realized that it made way too much noise for our apartment. We’re going to have to get a new, softer ball. I did get his a soft ball from Target, but it wasn’t soft enough. I also got some glow sticks since Ethan likes playing with them before bed.

At night, when we put Ethan down for his bedtime, I realized that we left the iPhone from morning in the car. I went out to the car, picked it up, and came back. That iPhone has a long story. I got it in Holland, when we lived there. It was nice to have it. It was the iPhone 4. I had to fix it a couple of times because the screen cracked on it. Anyway, long story, short, now it’s simply our white noise machine at night.

Then, we had some more whiskey and Master Chef before bed, we looked over some videos on YouTube, including this one where I made a cat massager out of LEGOs.

Time just flew!


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