A Better Day

A Better Day

Jun 20, 13


The day turned out to be ok, after all. Woke up late because I stayed up late night. But, I wasn’t as tired as Adia. Poor thing. She stayed up with me while I was pulling my hairs out over the programming tests.

Got to work a bit late, but still made the morning stand-up meeting. Fixed a bunch of bugs with the push-state site, but was not ready to release.

Yesterday at work there was also talk about re-designing the entire website from start. Today, there was some more talk about it. Maybe this time they’re serious.

After work, I came home, happy to see everyone as always. Worked on the programming tests, perfected the programs, and played a bit of Wii with Ethan. Poor little guy, he gets so upset when he loses. That’s how you learn. By next year, he’ll be better than me.

Last night, we also started watching Skyfall with Daniel Craig. Tonight, we might actually finish it. It’s a good movie so far. Adia really likes it and the soundtrack is great!

Not much else happened. A typical easy day.

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