100 Pushups a Day

100 Pushups a Day

Jul 6, 13


Think it’s not possible? Well, for someone in my shape, to do them all at once is impossible right now. So, I spread them out over the whole day. 30 in the morning, 30 after noon, and 40 at night. Not bad if you think that I could barely do 10 when I started.

We also went shopping for a bunch of stuff. It was payday on the 4th, so it was time to replenish supplies and buy additional crap. So, we bought a TV support for our flat screen. Ethan wanted to see it right then and there. No way. It was too late in the evening. But, he wanted to see it the whole day. We told him, in the morning.

We also got Ethan a remote control car from ToysRUs, but it’s only a 6 volt. They claim it goes through dirt. We’ll see.

Adia got some peppers and she made some awesome stuffed peppers. They were amazing!

Also, the Same Week (Week 27)...